MAGIX VEGAS Pro 16.0 Build 424

Профессиональная программа MAGIX Vegas Pro предназначена для монтажа, редактирования и многодорожечной записи видео- и аудиопотоков. Программа имеет в своём арсенале инструменты, которые позволяют в реальном времени обрабатывать и редактировать материалы HDV, SD/HD-SDI, DV, AVCHD и XDCAM™ форматов, производить точную корректировку аудио, создавать аудио с объёмным звуком и двухслойные DVD. Для сохранения записи в высоком качестве имеется возможность прожига Blu-ray дисков прямо с таймлайн. Вам не составит никакого труда создать стандартный DVD со сложными видео, многоязычным меню, субтитрами и добавлением комментариев.

Обратите внимание: русский язык официально не поддерживается и может вызывать сбои в работе программы

Общая информация:

Тип: установка
Языки: english
Активация: R2R
Вырезано: Sample Project
Дополнительно: AC3 PRO

Параметры командной строки:

Тихая установка английской версии: /S /EN
Выбор места установки: /D=ПУТЬ

Параметр /D=PATH следует указывать самым последним
Например: MAGIX.Vegas.Pro.v16.0.248.exe /S /EN /D=C:\MyProgram

Поддерживаемые операционные системы Windows:

7 SP1 (64-bit) 8.1 (64-bit) 10 (64-bit)

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MAGIX VEGAS Pro 16.0 Build 424

New Features
  • Variable Frame Rate files are now identified as VFR in Media properties, the Explorer window summary information, the Project Media window Details view, and the Project Media window media summary information
  • In cases where the user attempts to run the Copy Motion Track to PinP script without first applying the Picture-in-Picture plug-in to the target event, a dialog box provides instructions on how to properly make the feature work
  • A preference now enables you to choose between prioritizing audio/video synchronization or optimal file preview when working with Variable Frame Rate video media
  • Added logic to revert the video stabilization plug-in to Fast mode in certain rare cases where we can detect that it will return superior results over Accurate mode
  • You can now enter a value into the Smoothing text box on the Video Stabilization plug-in to achieve smoothing values far greater than 10
  • Support for HEVC 10-bit BT.2020 and BT.709 files
  • A new preference enables the user to disable auto detection for 360° files
Bug Fixes
  • Dual Fisheye stitching custom presets now properly persist
  • Quality improvements have been made to the 360 Video Stabilization plug-in
  • The LUT filter and other plug-ins that had been lost in Update 4 once again open properly
  • The Color Curves OFX plug-in is properly applied during project playback or render
  • The end of events added to the timeline after setting an out point with hover scrub in the Project Media window and then adding the file to the timeline are now properly quantized
  • Improved the drawing stability and performance of Project Media thumbnails
  • The Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-ins properly position media when GPU acceleration of video processing is turned off
  • VEGAS can properly read 360° files that have been rendered from VEGAS with file size over 4GB
  • Files saved from Instagram live are now more efficiently handled with better synchronization
  • The LUT and AutoLooks filters now properly release GPU memory and texture resources thus plugging a resource leak that could lead to instability in the application
  • The Video Stabilization plug-in now works better with certain older graphics cards
  • Animation keyframes can be properly deleted from the Solid Color media generator
  • Black artifacts have been eliminated when using Rec 2020 1000 nits IDT on HDR10 media
  • The 360° Stabilization plug-in now properly respects the GPU acceleration setting
  • Eliminated an issue where in some cases adjustments made to parameter controls on OFX plug-ins were applied to the wrong keyframe
  • No longer crashing upon first start when the Hitfilm Ignite Color Cine and other HitFilm plug-ins are installed
  • An animation problem with the Color Curves plug-in has been resolved
  • The Pixel aspect ratio drop-down list once again works properly for the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 format when rendering
  • SD aspect ratios are once again available in media properties
  • HDR file rendered from VEGAS Pro now play much more efficiently when added back to another VEGAS Pro timeline
  • Reordering generated media events in the storyboard is now properly handled on the timeline
  • Reordering media generator thumbnails in the Main Timeline storyboard no longer leads to a crash
  • Video stabilization now works properly with 4K MP4 AVC footage from the DJI Mavic Pro drone
  • Reordering generated media in the storyboard no longer causes the associated timeline events to disappear
  • Adding a large number of files to the Main Timeline storyboard no longer crashes
  • Adding media to the MainTimeline storyboard now honors the Automatically overlap multiple selected media when added preference
  • The Main Timeline storyboard is now properly updated when you replace one media file with a new one through the context menu
  • Events across multiple tracks are now properly ordered on the timeline when reordered in the Main Timeline storyboard
  • Applying video stabilization to a still-image file no longer affects the application negatively
  • Animating still images with pre Event Pan/Crop video effects applied to them now operates with expected stability
  • All fonts are now properly recognized by the Text and Titles media generator
  • Projects are no longer set to 360 projects if you cancel out of the Project Properties dialog box after selecting the 360 Output checkbox
  • Missing 360° plug-ins are once again available
  • The Restore function for auto save now works properly

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