Infix PDF Editor Pro 7.4.3

Infix PDF Editor Pro - удобная программа с очень богатым функционалом, предназначенная для открытия, редактирования и сохранения файлов в формате PDF. В числе основных возможностей программы, помимо стандартного набора, присущего всем текстовым редакторам, можно выделить следующие: возможность работы с графикой, вставка фрагментов других PDF документов, слияние нескольких документов в один, поиск и замена текста в нескольких документах, цензурирование текста и многое другое.

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Тип: установка
Языки: русский, english
Активация: UZ1

Параметры командной строки:

Тихая установка русской версии: /S /RU
Тихая установка английской версии: /S /EN
Ассоциировать с PDF: /S /AS
Выбор места установки: /D=ПУТЬ

Параметр /D=PATH следует указывать самым последним
Например: Infix.PDF.Editor.Pro.v7.1.8.exe /S /IR /D=C:\MyProgram

Поддерживаемые операционные системы Windows:

XP SP3 7 SP1 (32-bit) 7 SP1 (64-bit) 8.1 (32-bit) 8.1 (64-bit) 10 (32-bit) 10 (64-bit)

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Infix Version 7.4.3 - Released 03 October 2019
 z3611 - the type (right/left/centre) of the last tabstop added is now remembered
 z3609 - improved formation of paragraphs for text blocks in close proximity to each other
 z3606 - sometimes text was wrongly classified as subscript
 z2864 - gibberish text caused by loading of wrong cmap
 z3601 - better handling of mono-spaced fonts in PDFs where the font is not embedded
 - Auto-translation is now free of charge for the first 50 pages per month for licensed users
 z3603 - Colours could change after saving (stroked, gradient fills)
 z3598 - Synthetic spaces are now always removed from the end of field tags
 z3596 - Wrong languages sent to TransPDF
 z3595 - Cannot edit/reset server URL in TransPDF login dialog after first login
 z3589 - Better support for display of vertically written text
 z3538 - Added support for Copy/Paste in sticky-note windows (CTRL+C / CTRL+V)
 z3592 - Allow users to stop yellow paragraph ID tooltips that appear in translated PDFs
 z3453 - better handling of space characters when making automatic bookmarks
 z3449 - 'Save as PDF 1.4 option...' could not be disabled in Preferences dialog
 z3557 - better support for 'Submit form data' action with PDF as the export format
 z3516 - page contents disappear once you try to edit them
 z3582 - interactive form text becomes invisible after clicking on another text field
 z3469 - Improved editing of text with compound characters such as 'ä' where the character is made from 'a' and '¨'
 z3342 - Long comments are now shown truncated in the comments view panel
 z3442 - Fixed possible crash when clicking on Submit button in interactive form
 z3519 - sometimes the left-hand-side of text in an interactive form field would could be cut-off
 z3559 - Context menu over a form-field would appear only briefly then disappear
 z3575 - clicking on a form field with the hand tool would switch to edit mode briefly before switching back again making form-filling very difficult. Also, hitting Tab key in a form wouldn't move you to the next field.
 z3579 - better handling of super/sub-scripts in rotated text
 z3480 - each character is missing pixels along left hand edge
 z3530 - barcode displayed incorrectly (lines missing)

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